Team Building

A Personal Team Limitless Message from Million Dollar TOP Sales Director Betty McKendry sharing with you the power of Red and moving up in YOUR business!!!

How to get into your RED JACKET quickly and move up the career path with intention!!!

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#ShareTheLove Pacesetters Class #2

Overcoming Objections by Sr. NSD Dacia Wiegandt

Week #2 Challenge


  1. Find the 4 most common objections on InTouch:  
    Education / How To Team-Build / Get Inspired / Sharing Success


  2. Write them down on 3 x 5 cards.

  3. Like Dacia said Practice makes perfect right? Practice the 4 most common objections and practice them out loud 2 times every day this week.

  4. Vox your director your best script of overcoming the 4-objections. You may want to send her 4 different voxers.

Guest Follow-Up & Overcoming Objections, Deanna Spillman

Tracking Sheets

Click here for the audio

How to talk about the opportunity at your individual close to overcome recruiting objections 


1. Ask a question 

2. Give them the main point (from your own experience or your directors)

3. If I were to show you X could you see yourself doing something like this?