Finding New Leads

How to find new people to text to book a free facial and pampering session. A great way to tap

into many more referrals through different opportunities around your local communities.


Satin Hands Raffle - INSTANT LEADS

How to use a Satin Hands Set to generate 50-100 leads a day and get INSTANT LEADS TO BOOK!!!

Satin Hands Raffle Results, What To Say &

How To Get TONS of INSTANT leads

Satin Hands Raffle - Stephanie
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Satin Hands Raffle - INSTANT LEADS
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This is how I rebuilt my entire MK business

when I moved and needed new people to book...

How to do a Satin Hands Raffle

How to Follow Up with your winners within 24-48 Hours of meeting the ladies who entered to win! 

Quick Tips and Tricks for Satin Hands Raffle... The "Do's & Don'ts" of an effective Satin Hands Day


How to leave a voicemail for someone who won the satin hands raffle


How to leave TEASERS at local businesses for new referrals to be entered to win free facials.

Lead Boxes - Michelle's Secrets
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"Hi, my name is Abby and this is Michelle, and we're with Mary Kay and we're trying to give away 100 free facials this month and we were just wondering if we could leave this here with you and then we'll stop by and pick it up in like a week or two. Basically all they do is fill out the ticket and enter to win a free facial."


Need new leads?!?? Here's Michelle

sending us her secret to LEADS BOXES


Restaurant Leads - INSTANT LEADS

Are you out of leads!?  No more!! This is EPIC!!  You need five sources of leads coming in at any time and this is an excellent source!

How to get leads from restaurant promotions!🌭🌮

HOW TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS:  planting seeds . . . growing trees . . . BUILDING A FOREST.

Watch this video to see the concept behind growing your business from just a few seeds, and also using the Fabulous Referral Game and Deal or No Deal Game.

Also explained in this video, the three

types of people that come into your life:

Carriers, Customers, and Consultants.